14 Oct 2013
Man overboard!

HyperREST.com came out as a follow-up of a talk at APIdays 2013, Paris.

I wanted to take step by step what I have accumulated in 2 years of designing REST (hypermedia, not web) APIs and share.

More than 3/4 of the content for the menu above already exists. In my head. And it wouldn’t take that much time to put down.

The problem is REST people lie

.. by omission. We might not even be aware of it, but we lack a solid foundation to be convincing when HTTP is the de facto protocol of REST. And HTTP is hell no.

TL;DR It’s not the specification, it’s the implementation that is usually both hugely limited and opinionated to be diplomatic (exceptions exists). Just take a look at how your programming language of choice and/or your HTTP library is implemented.

You’ll usually see

  • a manually-written parser focusing on the message (in comparison to the specification having cca. 500 lines worth of ABNF grammar rules),
  • the parser triggering an error if the method is not among the usual suspects (and sell you later that they bring PATCH “support”),
  • nothing regarding parsing headers
  • nothing regarding content negotiation (e.g. mimeparse)
  • nothing regarding caching
  • code that you don’t want to debug, ever!

The problem is HTTP implementations

Even though I can fill in HyperREST.com with content, I would not do anyone a favour.

Before I do that, I want and need a reference implementation of HTTP that is simple to grasp, albeit not-opinionated and comprehensive, and also simple to port to any programming language (probably via C and bindings).

When I will be able to tell you that you have a proper tool, or that it is simple to build a proper tool, then I will happily enter delirium tremens and tell you about this architecture style. Until then, REST is a man overboard in my book.

Talk, follow-up or even contribute!

My effort to forget HTTP is open-source. When I feel like it, I’ll also cover the progress on HyperREST.com with a post or two, but if you find your way to contribute to the for-GET repositories, it will be more than appreciated.

If you want to hear me on HTTP or REST (hypermedia), or any of the missing content, or you just have questions, then contact me!